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Partner with Us: Fellowships

Our Unique Approach to Fellowships

Our fellowships are designed to attract talented international, interdisciplinary scholars who combine expertise in science with an understanding of the social, cultural, economic and technological challenges that science must address.

We take a holistic approach to scientific training, with the goal of developing a new community of scientists who embrace the critical role they play, today and in the future, to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

Our fellowship experience is person-centric, guided by the individual rather than the institution. Our Fellows experience a thoughtfully curated educational journey where they are exposed to diverse perspectives across various disciplines under the mentorship of esteemed academics. In addition, we facilitate internships where our Fellows work directly with professionals in policy groups or in industry to gain valuable insights into the real-world potential applications for their research.

Our fellowships put an emphasis on science communication to ensure that scientists can effectively engage with society and build trust in science. To exercise these skills, Fellows give talks, write articles for publication on Academy channels and engaging in various other collaborative initiatives including participate on steering committees to plan our scientific conferences. In these ways, our Fellows provide an influx of exciting new research and ideas from around the world, augmenting the existing intellectual assets we are proud to have at the Academy.

Why Partner with Us?

We are a collaborative partner who seeks to provide high-quality, career-enhancing opportunities for early career scientists, creatively achieving alignment with our partner’s objectives. To this end, there are two ways we develop fellowships:

We can advance an existing program for you. If your organization has an established fellowship program that you would like to elevate, we can work with you to broaden its scope and expand your recruitment beyond the institutions where you currently seek talent.

We can work with you to develop a brand-new program. Give us your area of scientific interest and we can design a fellowship that meets our rigorous fellowship standards as well as align with your organizational objectives.

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