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Offering scientists a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact on the future career trajectory of a student or early-career professional.

Why Mentor?

Research has consistently shown that mentors play a crucial role in the journey from merely appreciating STEM to actively persisting in it. Mentors contribute by passing on their wisdom, shaping the next generation through support and encouragement. The New York Academy of Sciences, fueled by the energy and enthusiasm of its mentors, has made a significant generational impact both domestically and internationally. 

The Academy provides diverse mentoring opportunities, enabling scientists to make a lasting impact on the career trajectory of students or early-career researchers. As a mentor, you will inspire students to pursue STEM opportunities by showcasing real-world applications of science and connecting them with a global network of peers and role models around the world. 

We actively seek professionals, postdocs, and graduate students to serve as mentors through various mentorship options designed to accommodate busy schedules and different levels of expertise. We offer training to ensure that your experience as a mentor is not only positive but also rewarding. 

To qualify as a mentor, you must be a graduate student, postdoc, or professional working in a STEM-related field, and have access to at least one communication device with internet capabilities. 

Opportunities & Programs

A student poses with her mentor.

The Junior Academy

STEM experts can mentor student teams in the Junior Academy through virtual Innovation Challenges, during which students teams design innovative, research-driven solutions to pressing global problems. Mentors encourage and support the students as they move through the different phases of the scientific process, from researching to designing and testing, to communicating their solution to the world.

Afterschool STEM Mentoring Program

Our Afterschool STEM Mentoring Program (ASMP) connects STEM professionals with a group of elementary and middle school students and age-appropriate curriculum with the goal of inspiring a lifelong interest in STEM. In partnership with the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD), we place Afterschool STEM Mentors at one of our many afterschool sites around New York City throughout the year.  

A mentor poses with her two students.


Created in cooperation with the New York City Department of Education in our Scientist-in-Residence (SiR) program matches scientists with New York City public school teachers to bring scientific inquiry to life in the classroom. By combining their content and pedagogical expertise, each scientist-teacher pair develops and implements a year-long project that engages students in authentic research and sparks their interest in STEM.

Mentor Stories

Mentors share why their experiences were transformative for their mentees, but for themselves as well.

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