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As an organization, we are dedicated to forging new pathways in STEM. We live up to this promise by cultivating an inclusive community where students and professionals from around the world feel a sense of belonging and a shared commitment to harnessing the power of science for the good of humanity. 

High School Research Programs

We believe high school students aren’t just the future, they are the present. Empower them with permission and a platform, and they enthusiastically take the lead. Through unique student-oriented programs like the Junior Academy, we provide civics-focused high school students the opportunity leverage STEM to tackle problems in their communities and the world.

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Professional Learning

We meet scientists wherever they are in their career, providing programming, workshops, and other skill-building opportunities to give them the tools they need to succeed throughout every stage of their working lives. Additionally, we encourage early career scientists to mentor, teach, and effectively communicate science to inspire the next generation of innovators.   

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School & Community Programs  

We believe the job of scientists is a blend of research and community engagement. To help scientists foster curiosity and understanding among diverse audiences, we offer community programs whereby STEM professionals have the opportunity to make science both educational and engaging for students, parents and teachers alike.

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The Academy Learning Difference 

Through our Learning programs, we actively narrow opportunity gaps. We offer students around the globe the unique opportunity to collaborate directly with scientists in solving real-world problems.

Simultaneously, we empower scientists with leadership and communication skills to help them navigate and thrive in an ever-changing work landscape, as well as effectively communicate their work for public education and to foster trust in science. 

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