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Educator Resources

Peruse and download these lessons, designed by the Academy Education team as additional resources for middle and high school teachers.

Innovation Challenge Curriculum

This flexible, project-based curriculum lets teachers guide students on how to solve challenges facing their communities by applying principles of scientific research and design thinking. Students emerge from this project-based learning curriculum having built STEM knowledge as well as 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication.

The curriculum is available in two forms.

  • Classroom Model is designed to be implemented over 8–10 weeks, with in-class lessons (approximately 1–2 hours per week) and assignments for students to complete outside of class.
  • Workshop Model is designed as an intensive 1-2 day session, similar to a “hack-a-thon.”

Understanding the COVID-19 Vaccine: An Instructional Unit

Designed to be used with middle or high school students, this instructional unit looks at how scientific consensus interacts with public rhetoric about Covid-19 vaccines and equips students with the tools to combat misinformation. By the end of the unit, students will understand how vaccines work in triggering an immune response, understand the concept of herd immunity and apply critical thinking to analyzing sources of data and reporting around vaccination programs.

College Readiness Lesson Plans

The college admissions process can be arduous, confusing and stressful. We help teachers simplify it for their students with these lessons that teach how to develop study skills, find the right college and finance a post-secondary education.

Leadership Skills Lesson Plans

What does it mean to lead? What characteristics do great leaders possess? Our leadership skills lessons help teachers cover the essential skills needed to succeed in any career, including those in STEM fields.

Communication Skills Lesson Plans

Success in a STEM career is often dependent on the ability to share important but complex information in a way that people can understand. Our communication skills lesson plans give teachers exercises to use with students to help them communicate more effectively.

Creative Problem-Solving Lesson Plans

STEM professionals solve some of the most challenging problems in the world using the art of design thinking. These lesson plans provide ways for teachers to explain the basics about this innovative approach to problem-solving.


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