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Convergence: A Journal for Young Researchers

Convergence: A Journal for Young Researchers by Indigo Research and The New York Academy of Sciences is dedicated to publishing high-quality, peer-reviewed academic work from young people (pre-university), exploring a wide range of subjects with a focus on work that explores the convergence of disciplines related to current and future existential risks including climate change, human rights and structural inequities.

The journal will cover the following types of submissions:

  • Original research from traditional and non-traditional academic methods
  • Commentary, Opinion and policy review
  • Reviews of research, popular culture and/or other relevant media
  • Original visual artwork including cartoons, memes,
  • Literary writing, poetry, personal essays and other styles that draw from literary traditions including fiction and narrative non-fiction
  • Convergence will open the call for submissions and reviewers in Spring 2024. We are seeking qualified Academic Reviewers from a wide range of backgrounds to review manuscripts submitted to the journal. Reviewers should be academically active in the fields of Engineering, Medicine, Computer Science, Law, Politics and Policy, Advocacy, Humanities, Philosophy, Ethics and/or the Sciences. Reviewers should be comfortable reviewing work from younger writers (pre-college) and from writers who submit in a specific academic area and/or from a convergent research perspective.

To be considered as an Academic Reviewer, please contact us at