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New in Annals

November 02, 2023  · 
An integrated review of music cognition and rhythmic stimuli in sensorimotor neurocognition and neurorehabilitation
Contributors: Laura Emmery| Madeleine E. Hackney| Trisha Kesar| J. Lucas McKay| Michael C. Rosenberg|
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September 29, 2023  · 
Effect of an action‐research nutrition intervention on the Global Diet Quality Score of Colombian adolescents
Contributors: Sandra L. Restrepo‐Mesa| Nathalia Correa Guzmán| Víctor Calvo| María Cristina Giraldo Quijano| Carolina Hernández Álvarez| Gilles Bergeron|
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September 26, 2023  · 
On the evolution of epigenetics via exaptation: A developmental systems perspective
Contributors: David S. Moore|
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August 24, 2023  · 
The neurobiology of vocal communication in marmosets
Contributors: Dori M. Grijseels| Brendan J. Prendergast| Julia C. Gorman| Cory T. Miller|
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August 19, 2023  · 
Characterizing affiliative touch in humans and its role in advancing haptic design
Contributors: James H. Kryklywy| Preeti Vyas| Karon E. Maclean| Rebecca M. Todd|
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