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Inside Membership

Since its inception in 1817, our organization has been inherently inclusive, welcoming all who share an interest in science. Here, we celebrate the contributions to science of select members of our community throughout history. In addition, we shine a light on two special subsets of our membership community — the Lyceum Society of retired scientists, and our Anthropology section, which has been active in New York City for almost 150 years.

Member Stories

Read about accomplished and inspiring members of the Academy from yesterday and today on our Academy Blog.

The Lyceum Society

Established in 1993, The Lyceum Society is intended for the Academy’s retired and semi-retired members. Members of this Society hail from diverse backgrounds and professions, having different areas of scientific interest and expertise. Their disciplines include biological and biomedical sciences, chemical and physical sciences, mathematics and information sciences, social sciences, engineering, medicine, dentistry, law, public policy, and more. Learn more.

Anthropology Section

Since 1877, the Anthropology Section of The New York Academy of Sciences has served as a meeting place for scholars in the Greater New York area. The section strives to be a progressive voice within the anthropological community and to contribute innovative perspectives on the human condition nationally and internationally. Learn more.