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Brooke Grindlinger, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer


Dr. Brooke Grindlinger is a microbiologist and Chief Scientific Officer at the esteemed New York Academy of Sciences, one of the oldest scientific organizations in the United States. Dedicated to amplifying the positive impact of science on people and our planet, she leads the development, growth, and excellence of scientific aspects of the Academy’s portfolio of programs, products, and initiatives—spanning scientific and educational convenings and courses, fellowship and prize programs, and public-private partnerships across the life and physical sciences, the social sciences, nutrition, artificial intelligence, computer science, and sustainability.

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Keynote Presentations: 
These are prepared keynote presentations that Dr. Grindlinger can deliver to universities, research institutes, companies, etc. For more information on the above presentations, please contact

  • AI in Global Education 
  • 7 Pervasive Practices Pushing Women Out of Science (and How to Fix Them) 
  • Non-Obvious Science Trends You Need To Know Now 
  • Editor’s Guide to Writing and Publishing Your Scientific Manuscript 
  • Beyond the Lab Coat: Exploring Thriving Careers Outside Academia for Life Science PhDs 

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