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Virtual Event
Genome Integrity Discussion Group 2022
14 Feb 2022



Our genomes are composed of the sum total of genetic material necessary to encode the blueprint for human life. The effective maintenance of genome integrity and stability is essential for normal cell division, normal function of our tissues and organs, healthy aging, and the prevention of diseases such as cancer. The processes that regulate genome integrity maintenance include sensing, signaling, and repair of DNA damage, processing of DNA damage in the context of chromatin and chromosomes, cell cycle checkpoint control, and control of cell death. Many of the basic aspects of genome integrity—such as how cells sense and process DNA damage—are still not well understood.

Our portfolio of events and publications in Genome Integrity seek to successfully map the mechanisms by which these regulatory processes act or go awry, presenting an exciting avenue for identifying novel approaches for protecting against disease-causing errors and restoring function.


This event has been completed.