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Hybrid Event
Cancer and Aging – The Inflammaging Connection
20 May 2024



In considering why humans get cancer, it is useful to ask an alternative question, “Why have humans been so good at not getting cancer in the first 4-5 decades of life?” There is no singular explanation for why an aging body is more susceptible to cancer. However, many recent studies now show that aging — and more specifically “inflammaging” — can dramatically drive chronic inflammation, leading to tumor initiation and progression, metastasis, and may influence response to therapies.

Join us for this cutting-edge symposium, which will provide up-to-date perspectives on the recent advances in understanding of cancer-related inflammaging, including cellular senescence in cancer and associated predictive and prognostic biomarkers. 

Beyond absorbing insights from keynote and plenary presentations, seize the chance to network with distinguished researchers and industry leaders operating at the intersections of basic, translational, and clinical realms in cancer, immunology, and aging biology. Hosted in the intimate venue of The New York Academy of Sciences, this event is crafted to foster impactful collaborations and facilitate meaningful discussions among engaged attendees at every career stage.


The event is open for registration.