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Tino van den Heuvel

Corporate Secretary, Board of Governors

Tino van den Heuvel is lawyer admitted to practice in New York State and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He currently serves as a senior strategic advisor to a well-known private equity group while pursuing graduate studies in the field of applied mathematics and computer science. During his career he had various positions as head of corporate development, general counsel, and global tax for U.S. headquartered multinationals. Prior to his advisory role, he worked together with Prof. Nicholas Dirks at Whittle School & Studios as its general counsel. Mr. van den Heuvel served as an adjunct professor of law at the University of Utrecht and its sister universities in the U.S., and is a frequent lecturer at seminars for Bloomberg. Mr. van den Heuvel received his LLB and LLM, with honors, from the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands, and as a part of which he also took courses at the University of California, Berkeley. He received his LLM in US taxation, cum laude, from Washington School of Law and an LLM from New York Law School. Mr. van den Heuvel is passionate about sciences and sharing knowledge with society, and lives in the New York area together with his wife and their young son.