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Innovation Challenge

Challenge is Complete; Resources are Available
Circular Textiles



Challenge Status: Challenge is Complete; Resources are Available
Application Status: Closed

We have archived the resources from this challenge. These resources are valuable resources for educators and students.

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Textiles play a vital role in our lives from our clothes, to our homes to everyday products in the background of our TikTok feed. But how often do we think about those textiles – who made them? How are they made? How do they get from the raw materials to our hands? 

The vast majority of textiles have a linear path – raw materials are made into textiles and then go from the sales rack to the landfill. With the rise of fast fashion and other rapid textile production in different industries, there is an urgent need and business opportunities for innovative, sustainable, and circular flow of textiles within the supply chain. How can we draw upon the concepts of a circular economy and inject innovative approaches to sustainable and circular practices within the textile supply chain.